Cosmetics packaging

Powerhealth, one of the largest vitamin companies in Greece produces its first skincare series along with 25A Lab in Crete. Collecting herbal extracts and fruits from the land of the famous Crete island, Powerhealth uses “Nature’s Innovation” in the new products.

Our name proposal was “Inalia”, one of  Aphrodite's names - the goddess of beauty - in ancient Greece. The topography and the altitude difference of the fertile soil of Crete were the inspiration for the creation of the series' visual mechanism. Concentrated shapes and curves demonstrate the altitude difference and also the way Nature's Innovation spreads to the skin. The interaction of science and nature is reflected in the bottle itself, where the outer rectangular part interacts with the inner cylindrical container. The internal cylinder spins when you rotate the lid …and the essence and the secrets of Nature's Innovation are released.


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